Counting Stars

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I remember watching the Leonid meteor shower in college with my church youth group a long long time ago. We drove far from the city and laid down on blankets staring up at the sky. We made wishes to shooting stars and giggled over the silliness of those wishes.

I now know that shooting stars aren’t stars and can tell you why Pluto is no longer a planet. When I watched the Perseid meteors stroke across the sky, my heart was filled with the same glee as all those years ago, but with more reverence than before. I don’t know what to say but feel obligated to say something. Because like the meteors that passed by us, the feeling of awe when I watched them fly across the sky was also fleeting, and I want to remember that.

This is a quote from my favorite MIB agent: “I save the world, you tell me why I stare at the stars.”

I guess I just want to say, it’s wonderful to stare at the stars 🙂


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