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358 | On the Road Together :: Machu Picchu, Peru, 2011

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Masha and I were spending practically all our time together in a cramped conference room when we decided to take a break from work. We had been accumulating thousands of Starwood points and had plenty of free nights to use after a year of work related travel. We spent a luxurious two weeks in France and Spain, staying at all the nice SPG resorts, and found our travel style fit perfectly! No more apologizing to travel partners about taking one more photo, and we even had the perfect model/photographer for portraits. We followed that up with another trip to Peru and Galapagos, where we had lots of fun taking selfies with all the little critters on the islands. The strange combination of an Asian + Russian made us stand out in lots of places, and we even had some local kids come up asking to take photos with us (and not the ones asking for money either :P)!

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